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"Most modern, integrated and attractive pedal-assist electric bike on the market."

Wired.com recently hailed the Giant Twist Freedom DX, American sibling of the Twist Freedom CS & CS Lite as an 'Enormous Talent'.

The Giant Twist Freedom DX which is a blend of the UK Giant Twist Freedom CS and Giant Twist Freedom CS Lite models, and makes use of the same sleek good looks and Hybrid Cycling Technology as it's UK counterparts, proved a huge hit as it cruised the Los Angeles beach communities. Wired.com's Jackson Lynch highlighted the 'impressive' fit and finish of the Twist and the 'incredibly smooth' ride. Coupled with the Twist's 'whopping 70-mile range' in Economy mode, it's modern 'commuter vibe' good looks and it's seamlessly assisted smooth and easy ride, the Giant Twist is the "perfect choice for recreational riders, commuters and families who aren't hardcore cyclists, but still want to get out and enjoy themselves on two

Electric Bikes

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